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Two features from the may 2012 issue 356 Art Monthly are discussed with Paul O'Kane, Omar Kholeif and Matt Hale The Thing Do you believe in things? asks Paul O'Kane In a western world dominated by immaterial labour, and where scientists and philosophers have thrown into doubt our understanding of physical objects, how have artists â from John McCracken and John Hilliard to Wood & Harrison and Andrew Dodds â questioned and defended the nature of things? 'Sculpture, of all the arts, must...
Topics: The Thing, Paul O'Kane, Gilles Deleuze, Claire Parnet, Deleuze, things, Martin Heidegger, Karl...
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July 2009 Lecture at the Rudolf Steiner Institute.
Topics: Global Warming, Climate Change, Water, Energy
Lydia Lunch
by Lydia Lunch
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BIG SEXY NOISE are: Lydia Lunch, voice, and GALLON DRUNK: James Johnston, Terry Edwards, guitars, Ian White, drums. TRACKS: 01 Mahakali Calling 02 Cross the Line 03 Ballin' the Jack 04 Your Love Don't Pay My Rent 05 Trust the Witch 06 Dark Eyes 07 Collision Course 08 The Gospel Singer 09 Baby Face Killer 10 Forever on the Run 11 Kill Your Sons (Lou Reed) 12 Big Willie White
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Topics: Live Concert, Big Sexy Noise, Lydia Lunch, Gallon Drunk, p.m.k, pmk, Hungerburg
Source: soundboard: stereo; rear/front mics: Sure PG 58 and AKG 391 (SE300B+CK91); A/D: m-Audio Delta 66 24bit 44100Hz